In-Person Sessions

Individual Sessions

  • New Client Assessment & Intake- $90
  • 30 Minute Session- $45
  • 60 Minute Session- $75
Focus on:
-Gentle Exercise Techniques
-Flexibility & Mobility
-Balance & Coordination
-Mind/Body Integrative Work
-General Wellness 
-Chronic Pain Management
-Posture Dysfunction

-Stress Reduction

Signature Packages

RENEW TO RECOVER (Post Rehab): This program is designed to help clients transition from medical recovery to full restoration of strength & function. It focuses on personalized exercise therapy, targeting specific areas while also addressing overall fitness.

  • 1 (60-minute) New Client Assessment & Intake Session (Valued at $90)
  • 8 (60-minute) Sessions (Valued at $600)
  •  $595

INNER BALANCE (Mind-Body Integration): This program is designed to harmonize mental and physical well-being through tailored exercise and mindfulness techniques. This program is ideal for those seeking to reduce stress, enhance focus, and achieve more balance.

  • 1 (60-minute) New Client Assessment & Intake Session (Valued at $90)
  • 4 (60-minute) Sessions (Valued at $300)
  •  $335

RENEW RELIEF (Chronic Pain Management): Through a combination of exercise therapy, mindfulness techniques, and tailored pain-relief strategies, we aim to reduce discomfort and improve quality of life.

  • 1 (60-minute) New Client Assessment & Intake Session (Valued at $90)
  • 6 (1-hour) Sessions (Valued at $450)
  • $465

Optional Lab Testing Add-Ons

*Let the practitioner know if you would like to add one of these services at your 1st session.

  • HP Profile (Mood, poor sleep, anxiousness): $169 (normally $184)
  • Wellness Panel (food intolerances, nutrient deficiencies, neurotransmitter imbalances): $149 (Normally $164)
  • Melatonin (sleep/wake cycle): $66 (Normally $81)