Ep 3- Neuro-Design: Feng Shui for Trauma Recovery


Guest of the Week: Cynthia Young

On this week’s episode we’re bringing in Cynthia Young, a Western School of Feng Shui graduate, professional member of the International Feng Shui Guild and a Certified Trauma Support Specialist.

We discuss topics such as the connection between our environment and emotional health, the role of design psychology and color design, and simple steps on how to implement Feng Shui into our homes for improved mental and emotional well-being.

Show Notes

Cynthia Young, a feng shui practitioner, discusses the connection between our living
environment and our emotional well-being. She explains how our surroundings can
re-traumatize us if they are not supportive and shares her own journey of healing through feng
shui. Cynthia emphasizes the importance of recognizing the impact of our living environment
and provides insights into how she assesses clients’ spaces. She also addresses common
misconceptions about feng shui and highlights the scientific basis behind its principles. Cynthia
offers practical advice for creating a supportive living environment and invites listeners to reach
out to her for further guidance.


  • Our living environment can have a significant impact on our emotional well-being and can
    re-traumatize us if it is not supportive.
  • Assessing our living space and paying attention to our body’s response can help us identify
    areas that need improvement.
  • Feng shui is not just about arranging furniture or tidying up; it is a practice that aims to create
    balance and harmony in our living environment.
  • Design psychology and color design play a role in creating a supportive space, and
    incorporating elements like water and fire can enhance the energy flow.
  • Taking small steps, such as decluttering and incorporating elements that support our needs,
    can make a positive difference in our living environment.


  • Chapters
    00:00 Introduction and Background
    01:36 Discovering the Connection between Environment and Emotional Health
    05:48 Common Themes in Clients’ Living Environments
    08:01 Learning about Feng Shui and Trauma
    11:44 The Science behind Feng Shui
    12:28 Misconceptions about Feng Shui
    14:27 The Role of Design Psychology and Color Design
    23:36 Practical Steps to Implement Feng Shui Principles
    28:26 Contacting Cynthia Young and Future Projects
    32:39 Closing Remarks
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